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Revision is so important and many students struggle with this difficult skill for a lot of reasons. I created these special, high quality playing cards to help knock down some of the barriers people have with preparing for their GCSE's and used an earlier version of them at school I worked at with great success.


Whilst the content is based on the Foundation GCSE specification, they are relevant for other ages and qualifications. If you think your child will end up taking the Higher paper then they should be using these cards from around Year 7. They are even great for preparing for examinations such as the Key Stage 2 SATs and Independent school 11+ entrance exams. I have identified which cards are specifically useful for these examinations in the Card Breakdown section.

This unique resource is one that pupils of all age will treasure and find easy and fun to use. Each card contains an explanation of a key mathematical topic, examples and a chance to practice skills and techniques in some exam style questions (answers available here). The overlap of topics is covered using a linked system which will send you to a different card to help you out, using the number and suit of a card to find what you want.

In short the Help Your Kids: Maths Revision Playing cards contain everything a student needs to achieve a grade 4/5 on the foundation GCSE in one little box. You could give them to your pupils to keep, carry round and learn, use them as an independent 'help' resource in the classroom or even use them as a pupil paced scheme of work. Whatever you do,  you will find your pupils engage more and find maths much less overwhelming as all they need to do is be able to do everything contained inside one little box!

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School/Tutor Orders

The cards are now here and ready to buy! They have been professionally printed and packaged and are of an excellent quality.  If you are a school or other educator who wants to place an order for more than 5 packs then please fill in the 'school order form' instead to confirm what you want. This will reserve the packs for your school and I will invoice you separately. Any problems or questions at all - please email me on

Standard Order - £7.25
(including shipping)

*73% Pass Rate - Used with 40 students who had previously failed their Maths GCSE

The Adventures of Kubit - Maths Adventure book (ages 7-12)

School Order

5-10 packs: £4.00 each
11-20 packs: £3.50 each
21-30 packs: £3.00 each
31+ packs:
email for a quote

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School Order Form 

Thank you for your order!

73% Pass rate (grade 4+) when used with 40 students who had previously failed their GCSE Maths exam!


Get a GCSE Grade 4+

£7.25 (inc. delivery)


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