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Sweets and Fractions

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Mathematical Foundations

Key Skills and Concepts

Topics covered:

Understanding Fractions

Sharing Out/Dividing

Equipment needed:

The image below

Some strips of paper to fold


Fractions, ratio, percentages and proportion are some of the most challenging concepts to understand in maths but can also be some of the most powerful problem solving tools available to your child. Start working on these as early as possible to help avoid this becoming a barrier for your child later on. The GCSE is full of questions on fractions, percentages, decimals and ratio and most of them can be answered using a visual bar method like the one being used here.


Work through the activity below with your child trying to ask the key questions below when appropriate. Try folding strips of paper to help you represent the different fractions in each question. Do not worry about the language of fractions at this point at all.

Key Questions to ask:

What does it mean by share it out 'fairly'?

Which questions did you find easy to fold? Why?

Did you use an good strategies to share them out (eg methods to fold fairly for 4 people)

How much would each piece cost if the whole sweet cost 60p?


Now say that the whole sweet costs 60p and start with the sweet shared between 2 people. Work out how much each person should pay. Write this in each section on the folded sweet. Repeat for the other questions.



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