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- 4 Live, Interactive, Engaging lessons
- Online lesson activities and worksheets, marked in real time with  personal feedback given
- Lessons and online activities available to watch on catchup
- Half termly written diagnostic assessments
- Full support given for any other maths issues


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Please see below for links and resources to all of my sample Homeschool lessons. These lessons have been designed to engage children at home and are great to for them to take by themselves but will also give you as parents, some great ideas of ways to teach and enhance your child's maths. The content will develop understanding in key areas that are vital for real life mathematical and also help prepare them leading up all GCSEs. You can now sign up on a half termly basis to my Homeschool lessons starting in September by using the Add to Cart links above. You can also look at more information for the different levels of lessons, including the time topics covered for next half term by using the links below: 

KS3/GCSE Foundation Lesson (Ages 11-16)

Example Lesson - ALGEBRA:  Solving and Using Equations

Please have a look at a recorded lesson below. You will need the Desmos Online activity (Desmos Activity Link) so you can complete questions as they go along. I will be able to check your answers as well and will send you some feedback (this will only save for you is you make a free Desmos account though). During a live lesson I can see what you write, as you write it so it is perfect to allow me to help you on an individual level. We will be using the Desmos platform for most of our Homeschool lessons.

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Key Stages 2 Lessons (Ages 4 -11+)

Please use the below links to access an example lesson for Key Stage 2. Note that the format of the lessons from September will use Zoom rather than going live on Facebook and have accompanying online worksheets much like the above one KS3/GCSE level. However, you can see an example of the level of maths covered in the below lesson. It will get more complex than telling the time though, even at this level.

Not Sure yet or if you have any questions? - Start an Email Conversion with me!

From September this year, I will be providing online lessons and support to homeschoolers twice a week. I will be looking at running one lesson for ages 6-11 and one for ages 12-16. These will be differentiated within the age groups so all children will feel challenged and supported. Lessons will probably take place using Zoom or a similar format and also an online platform called Desmos which will allow your children to complete online worksheets that fit with the lesson. The beauty of Desmos is not just the maths friendly interface in terms of me creating content, but also that I can see what the students are writing in real time and offer them individual feedback that only they can see.


Lessons can also be watched on catch up and feedback will still be given by myself for all completed worksheets as long as they are completed within a week.

All lessons will of course be fun, interactive and relevant to real life, helping children to develop confidence and understanding in key areas of mathematics that will help them in all aspects of life later on, as well as preparing them for GCSE examinations.

Please can you fill the Home School Lesson Form in below to express your interest and I will sort out final details once I have an idea of numbers. After this I will contact you with more information and start a conversation with you about any issues or queries you might have. If you have any questions at all, please just email me at Thanks. Dan

Help Your Kids: Maths
Home School Lessons Registration/Interest Form

Which lesson times can you attend?

Thank you very much for your time! If you have any questions at all please just email me at I will be in touch. Dan

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Example Lesson - Telling the Time
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