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Describe and Listen

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activity of the week 8 - describe and li
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Example Drawings to use

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Mathematical Foundations

Key Skills and Concepts

Topics Covered:
Communication Skills
Shape Space and Measure
Drawing skills

Equipment needed:
A pencil
Some paper
Print outs of the images below (optional)

This is fun communication drawing game for 2 players or multiple pairs of players. IT involves describing an image (that the describer gets to look at) to another person (the listener) with the aim of them producing as good a copy as possible of the original image. Neither player can look at each other’s piece of paper during the game. This ensures that accurate descriptions are vital and encourages two way communication as the listener can ask for more clarification if they do not understand. Encourage your child to be as mathematical as possible with their descriptions when they are describing and show how this will result in a better copy of the original picture. See examples below in the questioning section.


Full instructions are written on the image below. Please feel free to use the images I have provided below as well or just draw your own to suit your child.

Key Terms to try and use:
Shape names (square, rectangle, ellipse, triangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium)
Symmetrical (line symmetry)
Equal length
Right angle

Questions to Ask:
“Do you mean square or rectangle – how do you know which one it is?”
“How big is the shape?”
“Which side of the page is it on?”
“What shape is it?”
“Is it symmetrical at all?”
“Can you explain to me whereabouts it is on the page?”
“How many of them are there?”

You could allow the use of a ruler and talk about the length of different lines and see how this improves the copy.



line V lonmg.png
line V lonmg.png
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