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Choose your own Adventure

activity of the week 28 - Choose your ow

Story Template (Click to enlarge and print)

Key Skills and Concepts


Topics Covered:
Flow Charts


Creative Writing

Equipment needed:
Lined paper or print outs of the story templates attached

Some children really struggle to motivate themselves to write large amounts and can become quite daunted or distressed at the thought of having to do this. Extended writing tasks can be really difficult for both the child and parent to get through. If your child is like mine and prefers mathematical or problem solving tasks then why not try this activity to get them writing and hopefully being enthusiastic about it.

Explain that to your child that they are going to write an adventure story where whoever is reading can decide what will happen next. Use an appropriate example such as,

“You come across a locked door and want to open it. Do you decide to break it down with an axe or search for the key.”

Ask them what they think would be the best thing to do to open it. Have they got a completely different idea about how they could open the door?

Then explain that the story they will write will have lots of different options or paths that the reader can take and show them the template and my example box on the attached image. Start writing the adventure together and then say that you want them to try and write an adventure by themselves because you want to see if you can complete the challenge yourself after it is finished. Treat it more like a game than a story.

Key Questions/Prompts:
How else could you open the door?

Do all your boxes go to a proper ending?

Where could you go next after this box?

Could some of your boxes end up at the same place?

Are you sure this word is spelt correctly?

This task extends itself but you could allow them to write more for each box by using a different template. Illustrations can also be added. You could even turn it into a linked PowerPoint if they love ICT.



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