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Activities for you and your Children

The work that school teachers do with children at school is extremely demanding and varied and the progression in mathematics throughout the years is just huge. As parents if we can understand more of what out children are going through in schools then we are in a much stronger position to support our child with their mathematical education. 

In a recent survey I carried out it was clear that a large proportion of parents discovered that a lot of modern methods within mathematics ware very different to those that parents were taught when they were in school. 

The activities I have designed for 'Help your Kids: Maths' involve the following important concepts...

  • They encourage understanding of mathematical areas rather than just practicing set skills

  • They are fun and engaging and designed for you to take with your child

  • They focus on key areas that are not always covered in enough depth which if ignored can cause major issues when it comes to GCSE mathematics.

The activities are split into the three levels that run through 'Help Your Kids: Maths', but some of these overlap as they can be extended in certain ways. All activities are clearly explained along with ways you can enhance the learning of your children by asking key questions or adding more depth. 

Please click on the desired level below to browse the activities I have put on the site so far.

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