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Part 1: Pirates and Peril

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Your child will learn lots just through reading the Kubit books and solving the puzzles but if you are looking to use them in school or maybe as part of homeschooling I have produced a series of accompanying resources to give you a little more structure.


The 'learning package' which consists of electronic versions of English and Maths resources. The package is split into different sets which tie in with each chapter of the book with each set including the following...

  • A Full maths lesson Powerpoint with teaching notes based around a key topic

  • Differentiated worksheets to use alongside or after the lesson

  • Learning activities to supplement certain topics

  • Answers and 'Super Star' extension questions for all the hidden puzzles in each chapter

  • A Literacy sheet including Theo's Comprehension, Reja's Extended Writing Task and Seb's Research Request

Please click the links below to view the various files from the learning package for the first chapter. Then you can read the first chapter (shown below) and see how the resources fit in with it. I am hoping this will be a refreshingly fun way to add more formal learning activities that will run along side the book and hence keep your children interested and enthusiastic about numeracy and literacy.


Theo, Seb, and Reja were all sitting in the front room. They were slouched on the sofas whilst the TV played in the background. They were bored. Extremely bored. So bored that being bored was all they could talk about.
Theo, who was lazing away in his usual spot in the corner, dropped down his magazine and let out the most tremendous yawn. “Oh, I am sooo bored,” sighed Theo. “There is absolutely nothing to do!”

“Me too,” groaned Seb, as he stared passively at the television screen. “There is never
anything to do! I wish we could all just be whizzed off on a big adventure or something.”
“That’s stupid,” said Reja, rolling her eyes as she always did when any of her younger
friends said something she thought was completely unrealistic. “You don’t just get whizzed
off on adventures!”
“Why not?” challenged Seb, as he stood up spreading his arms out wide. “Well, how
exactly do you get on an adventure then?” He stared inquisitively at his older friend, as he
rolled his neck and continued to stretch.
“You don’t!” replied Reja sternly. “Adventures don’t happen to kids like us. We will just
have to sit here and be bored forever.”
Seb muttered in dissatisfaction under his breath. He knew Reja was always right. He
fell backwards towards the sofa, conceding defeat. As he crashed against the cushions, a
loud rumbling sound echoed throughout the room. The three children looked at each other
in alarm.
“Ah Seb! That’s disgusting!” cried Reja and Theo together.
“It wasn’t me,” pleaded Seb. “Honest!” They laughed in unison.
“That noise though…it sounded like it came from upstairs,” said Theo cautiously. “I think
it came from the loft!”

Seb jumped up, knocking the entire contents of the coffee table everywhere, and whizzed
out of the room screaming, “Adventure! Here we come!”
Reja and Theo looked at each other for a moment in disbelief before Reja announced,
“Best get ready for action then!” She smoothly removed the blue bow from her hair and
placed it on her wrist. She then tied her hair back using a bobble she took from her pocket
and stood up.

There came a cry from upstairs, “Guys! Hurry up! I can’t reach the ladder!” Reja and Theo looked at each other with puzzled frowns. With that, they sprinted out of the room and clambered furiously up the stairs.

A Crash in the Loft

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Theo entered the loft first with Seb closely behind him on the ladder. Both boys were
eager to see what they could find up there. It was very dark, and with his head through the
hatch, Theo waved his hands about frantically searching for the piece of string attached
to the light. When he grasped and pulled it, the dim light flickered to the sound of a
satisfying click. Theo pulled himself up and stayed crouched down, moving his eyes round
the unexplored room.
“Hey!” came a cry from below. “Would you move out the way so I can get up?”
Theo stood up, but as soon as he did, Seb jumped up the ladder and clattered into his
legs, knocking him back to the floor.
“Sorry,” said Seb. “I just wanted to get up before you had an adventure without me.”

“Would you two stop messing around so I can get up!” shouted Reja in frustration from
below. “I’m bored!”

When all three explorers were finally up, they had a chance to look around the dimly
lit room. It was filled with various objects of all shapes and sizes. Seb was visibly shaking
with excitement as he moved his eyes around the newly discovered space in front of him.
“Wow!” he gasped. “Look at all this stuff! I just know we’re going to find something amazing
up here!”
Reja cautiously nudged a shiny, metal tin with her foot, and as the lid fell off, a large and
creepy spider scuttled out and crawled away. “Oops! Sorry little spider!” exclaimed Reja,
before holding her nose. “Guys, this place is such a mess, and what is that horrible, musty
“That, Reja, is the smell of an adventure!” replied an unfazed Theo triumphantly. “Right,
that big bang came from up here, so let’s get searching for what might have made it!”

Lock Clues

Choose one of the lock clues that is suitable for your child, cut it into the two parts and hide it with the sweets as explained.

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