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Which has More?

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Mathematical Foundations

Topics covered:
Recoginsing bigger and smaller quantities by sight (Subsidizing)
Using counting to check amounts

Associating numbers with bigger and smaller amounts

Equipment needed:
20 Counters, marbles, tokens, cut out squares of card (any small things that look the same)



It is really important that children understand the 'size' of numbers rather than just be able to count. Associating big numbers with big amounts will improve their understanding of the concept of number. This activity helps develop this skill as well as practicing counting.

Lay 3 counters on the floor and in a different pile 2 counters. Ask your child to say which pile has more counters in it. Ask them how they know and then encourage counting to check which pile has more which should explain why 3 is a bigger number than 2. Repeat the game with different numbers of counters in each pile having the child guess first and then check


Key Questions:

"Which pile has more?"

"Are you sure?"

"How can you check?"

"Which number is bigger, 4 or 8?"

Increase the number of counters
Add some different coloured counters in that can be worth 2 rather than 1


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