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Fraction UNO

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Printable Fraction Cards (Click to enlarge)

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Key Skills and Concepts

Optimising GCSE


Topics Covered:

Recognising Equivalent Fractions, Percentages and Decimals

Simplifying fractions

Understanding Game Rules


Equipment needed:

A copy of the Fraction Playing cards shown below. These should be printed on card if possible. You could write them out by hand to but would need to use different colours as shown on the image. I can email you these in different formats if you need them too. Just let me know



This is a simplified UNO style card game but using my fraction cards instead of playing cards or UNO cards. It is a great way to practice recognising a range of equivalent fractions, percentages and decimals whilst playing a fun card game. Players need to try and recognise equivalent values if they are going to be able to play a card. This game can be played with 2 – 5 players.


Set up – Deal out 7 cards per player. Players can look at their cards but should not show their opponents. To get used to playing it is fine for children to lay their cards out in front of them face up so you can help them with which card to play.

Put the rest of the cards face down in the middle in a pile and turn the first one over face up.

Objective – To be the first person to get rid of their cards

Playing the Game – The youngest player goes first and needs to look at the face up card in the middle and do one of the following…

  1. Play any card of theirs that is the same colour and place it on top of the one in the middle

  2. Play any card that has the same value (but is a different colour) and place it on top of the one in the middle

  3. Play an ace of any colour (this is the best card you can get) and then state a colour to change it to (green, red, blue or black) for the next player to use

  4. Play no card and pick one up from the pile to add to their own cards (If the card in the pile in the middle all run out just use the ones that have already been played to make a new pile)

After the player has done ONE of the above things, it is the next player’s turn. Continue playing until one player has got rid of their cards and won the game.


Key Questions/Prompts:

Have you got any cards the same value as that one?

Try cancelling down one of your black fractions?

How do you change a percentage to a decimal?

How do you change a percentage to a fraction?

What is the best colour you should change it to (after they play an ace)?



After your child is used to playing this game challenge them to put all the cards into sets of 4 where each set contains four cards of equal value.

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