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Number Duel

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Mathematical Foundations
Topics covered:
Fluency in understanding which numbers are bigger than others

Equipment needed:
10 numbered cards (see image below) or a pack of playing cards with the picture cards removed



We sometimes obsess over making sure our children can count as high as possible and not spend enough time making sure they understand the size of different numbers. It is much better for a child to only be able to count to 10 but confidently know that say, 7 is bigger than 4 without having to count up than being able to count to 20 without really understanding what value the different numbers have.

This game gives practice at this along with some elements of competition and strategy.

To help your child try using counters or counting up looking at which number comes first.

Deal out two piles of cards face down fro you and your child (use more piles if more people are playing). Then both turn over the top card from your piles at the same time. Whoever has the biggest card wins that round and gets a point. If there is a tie, put those cards to the side and the winner of the next round gets two points.

Increase the range of numbers on the cards up to 20
Use a pack of playing cards to enable ties
Use 5 cards each but allow players to look at their cards and decide which card to use for each round rather than just go in order.


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