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Telling the Time

Telling the time is a very difficult skill to master and you will find some unique and highly effective strategies on this page to help you and your children. I have split the process up into 5 short videos which progress in difficulty and explain the steps to you and your children. I would recommend watching the video yourself and then watching parts of it with your child as each one contains learning activities for them to try and complete. 

There are also some printable resources which are used with the videos. the printable clock with removable hands is particularly important. you need to print this and cut out the hands. If you can stick it on a piece of card first this will make it easier to use.

We will be covering a range of topics including...

- Lesson 1A:  Understanding what time is and how long things last for
- Lesson 1B: Basic time Telling - O'Clock, Quarter Past, Half Past and Quarter to from an Analogue Clock (Highly recommended even if your child can already do this as it ensures they actually understand what these different times actually mean)
- Lesson 2: 5 Minute Times
- Lesson 3A: 24 Hour Time
- Lesson 3B: Organisation and Time Calculations

Please see below for each video and don't forget to print out the resources first.

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Ensuring your children are confident time tellers!

Lesson 1A - Understanding Units of Time

This lesson teaches children about the units of time and is designed for you to encourage them to learn how long seconds, minutes and hours are. Try and get them to count to 60 regularly so they can get used to how long a minute actually is.

Lesson 1B - Basic Time Telling

This lesson uses a special 'one hand' method to ensure children can not only start to identify common times from a clock but actually understand what they mean. For example understand that quarter to 6 means 'nearly' 6 o'clock.

Lesson 2 - 5 Minute Times

This lesson looks at understanding 5 minute times and also 'to times' in both worded and digital forms.

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Lesson 3A - 24-Hour Clock

This lesson teaches you how to convert regular digital time into 24-Hour Clock format as well as explaining AM and PM.

Lesson 3B - Organisation and Time Calculation

This lesson looks at using time lines to deal with calculations involving time. For example working out what time tasks will finish based on their start time and duration.

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Lesson Resources

Telling the Time Worksheets and Clock Print Out - 


There are some worksheets on telling the time which you will be given some time to complete during the lesson. There are 3 levels of worksheet/activities included. You can either print the whole document out or just the parts you think you want to work on as described below. If you are just starting to tell the time or have previously had difficulties with this then I would highly recommend printing out at least the clock template as it has a removable hands meaning we can just use the hour hand to start with. This is a key part of understanding how to tell the time. 


Clock print out (Lessons 1A and 1B)  - Just starting to learn to tell the time or not confident at writing numbers or words))


Basic Time Worksheet (Lessons 1B and 2) - Wanting to work on Quarter past half past and quarter to times and to write times down as words or numbers)


Advanced Time Worksheet (Lessons 1B and 2) - Wanting to work on 5 minute times such as 4:20 or ten past seven).

Time Calculation Worksheets


This is for Lessons 3A and 3B  and looks at 24-hour clock time as well as calculations involving time tabling and is probably more suitable for ages of around 7+

Time Bingo Grid - 


A Bingo Grid to play time Bingo with. Everyone writes down half past or o'clock times on their grid. Then pick one of those times out of a hat and set the clock template to that time. Have your child tell that time and anyone with that one on their grid crosses it off. You can also pick a power animal and write this down on your grid. include the animals in the hat and if your animal comes our you can cross off any time on your grid.

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