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Do you like adventures? If so, you’re just like Theo, Seb,
and Reja! Join them on an amazing journey to help a timetravelling
dog (or whatever he is!) return to his home


You’ll get the chance to outwit fearsome pirates,
rescue a cat from prehistoric dinosaurs, and help build The
Great Pyramid of Giza by solving tricky puzzles along the


In this book, you’ll become an active part of the story!
Can you use your maths and problem-solving skills to
help the adventurers on their quest? Can you use logical
thinking to recover missing pieces of the rocket to help
fire Kubit home? Why not find out?

The Adventures of Kubit - Part 1: Pirates & Peril

  • The Adventures of Kubit

    Part 1 - Pirates & Peril

    ISBN: 9-781800-496507

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