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30 Lesson Learning Pack - BUY NOW!

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When the first Lockdown hit I realised just how challenging homeschooling could be as I attempted this with my own child (then 6 years old). I came across many barriers and one of these was a lacking of expertise in particular subjects. I did my best to help parents and children across the country for free with maths lessons and I started to realise that I wanted to help regular homeschoolers when I could. I put in loads of work helping children during school closures and have finally managed to put all of the resources and lessons I provided together in one huge learning package. This includes a full year's content for maths and is suitable for ages 8 -14. You may wish to use it as a week by week lesson structure or dip in and out to supplement your other maths work but I can guarantee you that the content is engaging and relevant to preparing children for the GCSE specification and more importantly real life mathematics. 


you can get absolutely everything for just £12.50 (for the full year) and will receive access to everything electronically as a downloadable file as soon as you make payment. This download will include a document which has an overview of every lesson included and a recommended order which will form a scheme of work. It includes full details and is easy to follow with links to all the documents and videos you might need. Please see below for exactly what is included...

£12.50 LEARNING PACKAGE (ages 8 -14)

(Please click on each heading for more details)

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  • 30 ENGAGING lessons that were recorded live but will be available to you to watch whenever you want via private You-Tube links that you will have access to

  • Full colour printable worksheets that accompany most of the video lessons. You will also receive some extension style tasks linked to the lessons.

  • I will provide some end of year assessments that you can receive via email when you are ready for them. It is better to finish the content in the lessons first and then have a go at the assessments to see what progress your child has made


The dedication Dan puts into his work is incredible and I hope his school recognises and values his passion! My son (Oliver) is 10 and has always had a love of maths and everything numbers, he was becoming bored with the ease of school maths.


Oliver has really enjoyed Dan's lessons, especially excited by the GCSE classes. It's provided him with a challenge and Dan is able to explain topics in great depth without complicating them.

Thank you ever so much for re-igniting Oliver's joy of maths!


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  • Round the clock help and advice on any area of maths at all via email/Facebook messaging. 

We found this group during lockdown and it was invaluable.

My youngest was struggling learning to tell the time. After watching Dan’s lessons (which are easy to follow, easy to understand and fun) she got it.

We have continued with the Saturday sessions. My children are now in year 3 and year 5 and both get a lot out of these which works well with their different abilities

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I have been a maths teacher and Head of Year for well over 10 years now and everything I do has always been focused on the pupils I teach and them enjoying their education. A happy learner is a successful one and ensuring children are engaged in my lessons means they will make progress and grow in confidence in this amazing, yet challenging subject

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The content I teach helps prepare children for their future using mathematics practically in problem solving situations, focusing on key areas that area always vital and heavily tested in GCSE examinations. I use a variety of different teaching methods and lots of energy (and silly hats) that will ensure your children enjoy learning and make great progress. Fear of maths is something I am used to dealing with me and I will make sure that they grow in confidence and learn to love the subject!

Lessons are heavily differentiated for a range of ages and confidence levels and all children will learn in my lessons and feel like they have achieved and made progress at the end of them. Please read the many Facebook reviews I received from parents and children I have taught so far.

When you purchase the Learning Package you will receive the links and access to 30 YouTube lesson videos (and any worksheets that accompany these). You can watch these whenever you want and in any order or in the order I recommend on the Lesson Overview Document (also including the relevant links).

If you would like to see two of the lessons in the package please click on one of the links below...

Telling the Time Lesson (Ages 5-12)

Place Value Lesson (Ages 7-14)

Lesson Worksheets and Resources

Every lesson comes with printable worksheets to accompany it. If your child does not like writing their answers down then they do not need to use them as everything is on the screen. There may be some exceptions with more practical areas of maths though where diagrams are required. I design all the worksheets myself and try to make them colourful and interesting and there is normally a BINGO grid included for the ever popular Maths Bingo that we play at the end of lessons.

Some lessons also have printable resources such as measuring devices or clock faces. You will have access to all of this as part of the package.

You will also find links to specific extension learning tasks/games that I have designed specifically for home use.

(Click thumbnail for full size PDF)

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End of Year Assessments

Whether we like it or not a great deal of knowledge and understanding in our lives is assessed using formal testing. Whether this is a Keystage 2 SATs test, a GCSE exam or a Mathematics exam as part of a recruitment process for a job, a person's future could be impacted by the result they get. Included in the package will be written assessments you can use in the last week of the half term to see how your child is progressing.

They will be based around topics covered in the lessons and depending on the level will be similar to relevant formal examinations used in the UK. They will also come along with mark schemes. Please have a look at some samples of all the resources available by clicking on the thumbnails on the right hand side of this page.

Expert Maths Support

The final part of the package will be that you will have me to help you with any area of maths or teaching you are struggling with. Maybe you are also working on a different topic and need help teaching it or maybe you are struggling with a maths problem. All you need to do is send me an email or message me via the Help Your Kids: Maths Facebook page and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please bear with me because often, the best way to explain a concept to you is to make you your own personal video! Please click here to have a look at one I made to help with solving equations.

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Maths Support
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