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Key Skills and Concepts

The activities here are ideas that you can use at home with your child. They are designed to be fun and also develop initial understanding of key areas in mathematics. Spending this time learning with your child and seeing them learn is invaluable to their progress and will give them that extra boost needed when tackling mathematics in school.

Activity List

Browse the activities in the gallery below and click on the image for full details of how to effectively use this at home, including key questions you can ask and extension ideas.

Click on the Activity below to view

Describe and Listen (1/2- Use communication skills to describe an image and see if your partner can draw a copy of it without looking at the original

Guess my Number (1/2- A fun guessing game you can play anywhere, involving factors and multiples

Money Race (1/2- Race to use real coins to add up to different amounts

Number Hunt Bingo (1/2- Hunt for numbers of real life objects to fill in your Bingo card before your opponent

Sell me a Word (1/2- Practice your spelling along with addition and problem solving to create the most valuable words in this Scrabble inspired game fro children

Shape Scavenger Hunt (1/2- Find shapes in the real world and discuss their names and properties

Sweets and Fractions (1/2- Use the practical concept of splitting up sweets and the bar method to introduce fractions

Choose your own Adventure (2- Write your own adventure story where the reader gets to decide what happens next

Product and Sum Ring (2- A problem solving challenge involving finding the product and sum of numbers to reach the highest possible total

Coordinate Battleships (2/3- A brilliant version of battleships testing coordinates in all four quadrant and shape knowledge

Fraction UNO (2/3- Printable fraction, percentage and decimal playing cards and a fun game to play with them

Let's Make some Money! (2/3- A business time table game where children organise different jobs to try and make as much money as possible

Square on a Number Grid (Investigation) 2/3- An investigation involving a number grid and the properties of number

The Farmer's Field (2/3- A n investigation involving practical area and perimeter

Times Table War (2/3- A brilliant game for 3 or more players you can play absolutely anywhere! No equipment needed at all.

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