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Telling the Time Session

Ensuring your children are confident time tellers!



Per Family


Telling the time is a very difficult skill to master and one that a lot of people feel very anxious about. I have designed this session to show your children how simple telling the time from a clock face can actually be using my highly effective 'one hand' method. This will also give you, as parents loads of brilliant strategies to use at home to ensure your children can become confident time tellers.

The lesson will run online via Microsoft Teams (or you can access it in a regular web browser) as a live video. It will also use an online activity filled with interactive worksheets and games to play, such as TIME BINGO!!! 

The lesson will of course be filled with fun and learning and will leave your children with a smile on their face, feeling way more confident about telling the time!

Note that you can also re-watch the video and carry out the online activity whenever you want.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at

Telling the Time Session - £10
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