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Mathematical Foundations

The activities here are ideas that you can use at home with your child. They are designed to be fun and also develop initial understanding of key areas in mathematics. Spending this time learning with your child and seeing them learn is invaluable to their progress and will give them that extra boost needed when tackling mathematics in school.

At this young age, practical learning activities can be much more valuable than completing worksheets. You being part of the learning is also massively important as it gives more motivation to your child and also let's you see how skills and understanding are developed.

Not that some of these activities are suitable for the next level up as well (2 - Key Skills  and Concepts). This is indicated on the image or next to the link by a 2 as well as a 1.

Activity List

Browse the activities in the gallery below and click on the image for full details of how to effectively use this at home, including key questions you can ask and extension ideas. Alternatively look at the full list below the gallery and click on the activity you want to look at.

Click on the Activity below to view

Odds and Evens (1- Use a practical method of sharing to practice counting and explore odd and even numbers

Paint and Double (1- Use painting and folding to explore and practice doubling numbers

Number Duel (1- A game involving comparing numbers to help children understand the size of numbers

Red or Black (1- A basic card game to get children used to following rules as well as using counting to keep score

Which has More? (1- Looking at Subsidizing to associate numbers with bigger or smaller numbers

Describe and Listen (1/2- Use communication skills to describe an image and see if your partner can draw a copy of it without looking at the original

Money Race (1/2- Race to use real coins to add up to different amounts

Number Hunt Bingo (1/2- Hunt for numbers of real life objects to fill in your Bingo card before your opponent

Sell me a Word (1/2- Practice your spelling along with addition and problem solving to create the most valuable words in this Scrabble inspired game fro children

Shape Scavenger Hunt (1/2- Find shapes in the real world and discuss their names and properties

Sweets and Fractions (1/2- Use the practical concept of splitting up sweets and the bar method to introduce fractions

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