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Understand what Division is and how to do it!

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Division is a key skill that a lot of people can find difficult to master. I have split the process up into 4 stages, which will outline what division is and various methods to carry out the process without a calculator. The complexity of each video increases with each one moving all the way up to long division and division with decimals. Please do not worry about long division though. It is a very out dated skill nowadays as calculators are so accessible and it is rarely even tested in GCSE (non-calculator) papers. If your child can become confident with bus stop division then they will be absolutely fine! Another important factor to think about is how well your child knows their times tables. This will make division and lots of other maths topics much easier and should be worked on.

We will be covering a range of topics including...

- Lesson 1:  Understanding what Division is and when to use it to solve different problems
- Lesson 2: Mastering Bus stop Division as the go to method for written division
- Lesson 3: Long Division - This is made much easier by just using standard bus stop division. There is no need for a different method!
- Lesson 4: Division involving decimals

Lesson 1 - Understanding what Division is

Know what division is and when to use it is more important that being able to use methods to carry it out. This video looks at what division means in terms of sharing out and fitting numbers into other numbers. It also looks at mental division methods.

Lesson 2 - Bus Stop Division

There are lots of other methods teachers use for division that really help explain what division is, but bus stop division is so fast and efficient and it really is the only method you need. If your child struggles with this method, please get them to write down the relevant times table or even better work on learning times tables in general.

Fun and Interactive Maths Resources from Help Your Kids: Maths



Lesson 3 - Long Division

As a Maths Teacher I do not remember the 'Long Division' method I was taught at school. There were just too many stages and I had no idea how it related to what division is. I do not teach this myself and never will, because bus stop division is far better. The only difficulty when dividing by numbers like 37 is that we do not know our 37 times tables. all we need to do though, is just take the time to write these down first. this video will take you through everything.

Lesson 4 - Division with Decimals

This lesson goes through methods you can use to easily divide numbers involving decimals. Personally I would just use a calculator for things like this, but it does test your understanding of place value, which is why this kind of skill can be tested in exams as well as the fact that dividing monetary values with decimals can be useful!

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