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Once you make the pruchase you will be sent an email asking which half term you want...


Half Term 1A - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Divisions

Half Term 1B - Measurement and Shape


This pass gives you access to the 4 weeks of lessons for this half term...


  • Recordings of the lessons for this half term that you can access whenever you want (They reamin online for 60 days, but you can also save them to your computer).
  • Access to all interactive worksheets to accompany the lessons
  • Access is only given to the email address you submit when you order
  • End of half term exam style assessment (with a mark scheme)


What you don't get (compared to the full lesson pass)


  • Access to the live lessons
  • Full support from myself including assessing your childs work and giving feedback on the lesson worksheets
  • Recommended extention activities
  • Marking and assessment of the end of half term assessment


Once you have made the pruchase you will be added to the class and set up on Desmos (the learning platform we are using). All the links for the lessons will be available on the Class Hub.


Please make sure you provide the correct email address as this will be used for all login features for the lessons. Thanks. Dan

CATCH UP ONLY - Key Stage 2 Half Term Lesson Pass (Half Term 1A or 1B)

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