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FRIDAY 29th OCTOBER - 2021 - 6:30PM - 7:15PM

After the success of last year's Escape from the Haunted House live Halloween Event, I have created a brand new story filled with puzzles involving a Ghost Ship and a mystery that you children will need to solve. This will run as a Facebook Live event and will be completely free for everyone. Children had so much fun last year whether they decided to dress up or not and I hope that this event will be even better!

The event will take the form of a live interactive story where children will listen and watch on screen whilst taking time to solve puzzles that will lead them to hidden clues (and sweets) within your onw home. To make the story extra special I will be writing the children into the story, so make sure you fill in the child questionnaire so I can get a bit of info (eg hobbies, interests, favourite football team, costume they are wearing) to make their appearance a brilliant surprise!

Apart from hiding a few sweets and clues in set locations in your home there is nothing else for you to do apart from tune in at 6:30pm, 29th October) on the Help Your Kids: Maths Facebook page for the live event.

Of course, you could also choose to go for the full setup and have your children dress up and decorate some rooms to fit in with the actual story. Either way this will be a magical Halloween that you will all remember for a long time! Everything you need is in the instruction pack below for you to print out or just write out bits by hand.

Instructions and Resources

The above pack includes all the instructions and printouts (can be copied by hand if no printer is available)

Express Set up

Just follow the express setup and hide a few bags of sweets in set locations within your home along with one of the magic gemstones provided in the indtruction pack

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Full Setup

As above, but you can also carry out a few more steps to add to your child's Halloween experience such as hiding some ghosts, decorating rooms in your home or just filling out the child questionnaire so I can include them in the story!

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Get your Child in the Story! - (Info Questionnaire)

I am going to try and feature as many children in the story as possible. For example...

"Tammy Gomez stepped forward and said, "We have to open this door before time runs out or we'll all be squished!"

The story will be a similar format (but much, much less polished) to my published Maths Adventure book, 'The Adventures of Kubit', so please take a look at that to get an idea of how the puzzles will fit in with the adventure! 

If you want your child to have a chance of being featured then please fill in the form below with a few details so I can try and get their characters right. I may also look at having some children on screen to show off their costumes and read out their clues as well. Please tick the box if you would like this for your child and they have permission to be on the live video.

Please note that I will be deleting all of this data straight after the event and I will only be using it for the sole purpose of the story for the Halloween event on 31st October. The video will remain on the Help Your Kids: Maths Facebook page though. 

Thanks. Dan

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