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For a very special Christmas Maths lesson we are all going to visit the North Pole and help Santa solve a Christmas mystery. Everything seems to be going wrong, just days before the 'Christmas Eve Eve' party (Santa and the elves are too busy to have a party on Christmas Eve, so have one the day before). 

Join the event live (or save and watch later) and become part of a Christmas story whilst solving puzzles to find out who is behind all the trouble.

We will also be playing some Christmas games with prizes that will be posted out. The event will take place live on the Help Your Kids: Maths Facebook page and will cost £2.99. Once you have signed up you can access the lesson as many times as you want after the event date.

For more details and to purchase access to the lesson please go to the event page.

Please see below for the Clue Sheet and Elf List you can print out for the lesson and also for a questionnaire you can fill in if you want your child's name to be featured in the story. Please note this lesson does not involve running round the house searching for sweets, like the haunted house event, but will be really interactive with plenty for your children to do!


The above resource contains everything you need for the lesson. You do not need to print anything but your child will need a copy of the elf names and information about them, even if you need to hand write it. The other sheet is not necessary at all and is really just a place for children to jot down their clues. A piece of paper or whiteboard will be just as good, but you need to have access to the Elf list even if it is an electronic copy that you can edit by crossing off certain elves as you discover they must be innocent.

Get your Child in the Story! - (Info Questionnaire)

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I am going to try and feature as many children in the story as possible. For example...

Steph Swinton steps and taps Santa on the shoulder, "I thought you said there was supposed to be a giant Christmas tree here? I don't see anything."

If you want your child to have a chance of being featured then please fill in the form below with a few details so I can try and get their characters right. 

Please note that any data is not shared with anyone and used solely for this event. It will all be deleted afterwards.

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The above resource contains 4 versions of a letter from Santa for a boy or a girl. You can print this out and give it to your child the night before or morning of the event. It will be read out on the day anyway so it is not essential. The different versions all contain the same message but one has a different coloured background.

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