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Help Your Kids: Maths Online Lessons

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When Lockdown hit us I realised that there would be lots of children trying to make progress in maths without being in school or having regular support from a teacher. I decided to try and help and started putting on online live lessons for different ages so that every child who found Help Your Kids: Maths would be able to get the mathematical education everyone is entitled to.

The lessons are still available to watch on either Facebook or YouTube. Please have look at the list of lessons below and then use the direct links to get to the YouTube channel or Facebook Lesson Index. Please note if you watch on YouTube you will not see the chat comments from the people who were watching or myself and will not have access to any printed resources that are needed for a few of the lessons. You will get all this if you use the Facebook link.

Lessons Available
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Help Your Kids: Maths
YouTube Channel
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