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Welcome to the Help Your Kids: Maths Website. My name is Daniel Lin and I am an experienced mathematics teacher who has been trying to help parents and their children with this challenging subject. On this website you will find loads of free resources designed for you to use at home with your children and also links to the Lockdown lessons I put on over Lockdown. Please follow the Facebook Page or join the group so you get regular updates about any of the live events I put on. 

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The Adventures of Kubit
A page dedicated to my special Maths Adventure book that will have your children improve their reading, mathematics and problem-solving skills whilst enjoying an engrossing story!

.99 (including shipping)

Facebook Lockdown Lessons  
Acompanying resources/worksheets along with links to the lessons I have put on via the Facebook page

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The Maths Clinic
An archive of my quick help 5 minute 'Help Videos' for a range of mathematical topics. Each video teaches a topic of skill and then gives some questions for you to have a go at.

Learning Activities

A range of activities and games for you to use at home with your children (ages 3-16)

Activity of the Week - Paint and Double.
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activity of the week 15 - The Farmer's F

Written Assessments

A selection of official and custom made written assessments for ages 6-16


Progression Maps

Topic overview sheets showing the learning journey and progression from ages 3 right up to 16 along with ways to check your child's knowledge and understanding

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